Become a Partner Family

The Altavista Area/Campbell County Habitat for Humanity partners with selected familys to provide safe homes with affordable mortgages. This partnership offers a hand up; not a hand out.

 Applicants must meet the following criteria to be considered for homeownership.

Partner familys are selected from those applicants that meet these criteria. 

The number of homes available each year is limited, so

not everyone that meets these criteria will become a partner family.

Criteria To Qualify For Consideration As A Partner Family

  1. Applicants must demonstrate a need for safe, affordable housing.


  2. Applicants must be willing to partner with us to build their home and other homes. This partnership includes performing 300 hours of sweat equity. Sweat equity is work such as building homes, fundraising, or other assigned activities.  

3. Applicants must show ability and willingness to pay the mortgage payments. This means your household income must be between the minimum and maximum shown below for your household size. 


Income Guidelines

Income guidelines are based on U.S. Department of HUD limits and may change.

Number Of People        Minimum                  Maximum

          In Household                Income                     Income

   1 Person                     $14,500                   $28,980

  2 Person                     $16,550                    $33,120

  3 Person                     $18,600                   $37,260

  4 Person                     $20,650                  $41,340

  5 Person                     $22,350                   $44,700

  6 or more                   Contact us at (434) 309-2688 to learn those guidelines.

4. You must have lived in the Altavista Area/Campbell County area for a minimum of

1 year (this includes the Hurt and Gretna areas)

The Application For Partner Family can be downloaded here, or requested by emailing or calling the contact information below.

Applications can be mailed to P.O. Box 232, Altavista, VA 24517 or dropped off at 2187 Lynch Mill Road.


If you have questions or would like to make an appointment to get help completing an application, please call (434) 309-2688 or

email director@altavistacampbellhabitat.org


(434) 309-2688

P.O. Box 232, Altavista, VA 24517, USA

2187 Lynch Mill Rd, Altavista, VA 24517, USA


2187 Lynch Mill Rd, Altavista, VA 24517, USA