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Blitz Build Model of Construction

Starting around June of each year we start preparing for our October Blitz Build by laying foundation, framing walls, and other prep work. Then in one weekend in October we all join together starting Saturday morning to take that basic framework and add insulation, siding, shingles, and everything else needed to get ready for sheetrock to get started on Sunday evening. As soon as the sheetrock is done we are busy getting the "finish work" completed - installing floors, doors, cabinets, etc. It takes every bit of the 5-6 weeks we have between Blitz Build in October and Dedication. in December to complete that finish work. Dedication of the homes is the week before Christmas each year which means the Partner Families can close on their mortgages and move into their new, safe, affordable home in time to celebrate Christmas! 


Habitat is always in need of volunteers. Experience is not required, but if you have experience as a professional or are especially handy, please don’t be shy about letting us know! Don’t have construction experience? Don’t worry, we welcome volunteers of all skill levels to the job site. You can volunteer for a little or a lot, during the Blitz or during another time. It takes many hands working together to build a Habitat Home.​

For individuals interested in a helping those in need, fulfilling community service requirements or wanting to learn a new skill, Habitat welcomes you to the job site! If you would like to help  contact us by email ( or by phone (434-309-2688).


Community Service  

We are happy to help you fulfill your community service requirement. Prior to your build shift, let us know why you are seeking community service hours. Plus, you are responsible for having a community service hours tracking form signed by a staff member at the end of each day. 

Group Volunteering 

Building a house together on the job site is a great way to build relationships within your group while helping to address the affordable housing crisis in our community. Whether you are a group of employees looking for a team-building experience, an organization or church, we want to work with you! 

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