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Family-Friendly Activities

We invite young children and families to partner with Habitat through a range of safe, age-appropriate activities. For more information about any of these activities, contact or call the Habitat office at 434-309-2688.


Blitz Build Breakfast and Lunch Servers

Local churches prepare and deliver breakfast and lunch for our volunteers during the Blitz Build weekend, and we need volunteers to help serve these meals.  The Blitz Build weekend is normally in October. .


Fundraising activities including Potato Dinner, Barbeque Dinners, Brunswick Stew sales, mailers, etc. occur throughout the year. Help is always needed at these events and participation is a great way to see other members of the community. 

Other Events

There are a variety of needs each year that do not fall under building, food service, or fundraising. Everything from administrative support to help straightening up the construction storage post-build. For example over the last year students from Altavista Combined school helped organize the shop and volunteers helped streamline office storage. There is always something to be done. 

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